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How to choose cnc router
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Buy engraving machine should pay attention to the following points:
Note engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, metal mold machine, foam engraving machine, engraving machine, depending on the application functionality into the motor with high power and low power.

Some smaller power engraving machine applies only color plates, architectural models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts materials handling, this process has been popular for some time, but the power is too small carved greatly influenced its scope of application.

Another high-power spindle engraving machine, engraving machine is divided into two categories, one is the large format cutting machine: size is generally one meter or more, but this is generally poor precision engraving machine, another format gentle engraving machine: this engraving machine is generally used in precision machining and organic plate production.

To learn engraving engraving machine spindle motor motor performance and functionality is critical, because engraving spindle motor is working long hours, bad influence engraving spindle motor engraving machine use.

Also adjustable engraving spindle motor speed range, adjustable speed range is generally a few thousand to 30,000 revolutions per minute, the speed is not adjustable or adjustable speed range is small, then it's engraving machine more limited range of applications, because different engraving the materials have different engraving spindle speed.

Engraving machine body manufacturing process: high-power engraving machine must be accurate, stable, long-term power carving, casting agencies, to ensure that the processing accuracy and stability.

Controllers are generally divided into two categories: one controller just do drive, but all of its calculation is performed by a computer, computer engraving machine working in a wait state, not typesetting. Another type of controller SBC or MCU control, this controller is actually a computer, so long as the engraving machine working, the computer can immediately other typesetting work, especially for a long time carving advantage particularly evident.

Screw and guide rail is the engraving machine, screw and guide rail is to ensure its long-term use of the engraving machine accuracy and performance of an important part of
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