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Engraving machine Common Problems and Solutions Summary(a)
Added:2013-12-24    Reads:4262
Engraving machine Common Problems and Solutions Summary(a)
According to the survey using CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. Jinan SENKE recently launched engraving machine users, the engraving machine to draw some common problems, after a lot of experimentation and demonstration of technical personnel, draw some solutions to common problems, now summarized as follows:
First, based on sound judgment and spindle troubleshooting methods
1, pattering sound of pattering
The retainer and rolling vibration, shock generated regardless of how species are likely to produce grease to withstand torque loads or large radial clearance when more prone


Improve the accuracy of the holder, a small selection of clearance of the bearing or the bearing preload applied, reducing the torque load, reducing installation error, use good fats
2, the buzzing sound
There is no buzz when the motor load operation is the same as issuing a similar beep sounds, and the motor axial abnormal vibration occurs, open or shut
Often seen in poor lubrication, and in the winter, and both ends of the motor with ball bearings, mainly arising under an unstable vibration when bad shaft aligning performance, axial vibration impacts
3, impurities sound
Caused by bearing cleanliness or quality issue an irregular abnormal sounds, sounds from time to time, when the big, sometimes small, frequently occur on the high-speed motor
Workaround: use good fats, improving cleanliness greasing before sealing performance of the bearing to strengthen and improve the cleanliness of the installation environment
4, da da's voice
Sound frequency varies with the speed of the bearing, the part surface waviness is mainly caused by noise
Solution: improve the bearing raceway surface quality, reduce waviness amplitude, reduce bruising, amended clearance preload and fit, check the operation of the free end of the bearing, shaft and housing to improve the accuracy of installation method
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