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Woodworking engraving machine daily maintenance
Added:2014-1-23    Reads:5302
      Woodworking engraving machine equipment in use process, besides to adjust timing components also should pay attention to regular maintenance and maintenance, is very important to extend the service life of equipment. At the same time to improve the production efficiency and enterprise competitiveness plays a big role.
      In daily use process, regularly check the power cord and the line, pipe connector to see if there is any breakage or poor contact, all parts should be painted the lubricating oil regularly. Work after timely clean the handle on the devolop, spindle taper hole cleaning, equipment surrounding the sawdust clean up in time. Need not when dust cover on the cover, dust prevention effect and play a security role, not just remove the. Should be regularly check whether the screw to loosen, become loose should timely tightened. Timing of main shaft bearing note oil at a time. Especially the slide guide should pay special attention to cheer on schedule.
      Hope the above introduction to be of help, woodworking engraving machine is our company is mainly engaged in product, customers are looking forward to your inquire if necessary, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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